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Extend Table creation feature beyond 30 Rows

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Try doing a markup in a HTML page maker like SeaMonkey (or any other What You See Is What You Get editor. Yu don't have to do code) I remember reading HTML code is the closest to the markup of Evernote code (in the back end)


Drag Copy and paste into an Evernote for a template -- BINGO, you got it


You can also make it look pretty with background cell colors that you wouldn't be able to do just in the evernote editor


Tag it as a Template -- and you can copy it so you have it every month


(Edited later)


You can also use Google Spreadsheet to mock-up a design and copy it over see attached for example -- Google Spreadsheet is a sort of an HTML code


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It would be my suggestion to make a template that you can use over and over


Here someone did it using a spreadsheet



I would suggest a Webpage maker that uses HTML  such as Seamonkey (there are many free ones)


1) you compose the page inside the webpage editor (which uses HTML)

2)  you click with your mouse over the "previewed finished" page (not the code)

3) you copy it

4) go to evernote and paste


(added Google Spreadsheet above)

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