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Feature Requests: Multitasking notes / Better table editing / Different note types

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I've been using Evernote for about a year now and absolutely love it. I can't imagine my life without it now.


There are a couple of things though which I would love to see that would make my life even better. and I believe strengthen the product. (This is primarily for Web, Mac and iOS as I'm not too familiar with the Windows client)


1. Multitasking Notes


Having more than one note open at a time would be so good. There are so many times that I might need to reference something from another note frequently, drag and drop items or just quickly inspect what's there without losing my current note.


Maybe it could work like a Tab system similar to a web browser or graphically you could have a backwards and forwards navigation system.


2. Better Table Editing


Having tables in a note is great, but I find it relatively useless unless I can edit them on the go. There are so many times I've added a table, filled it in and then realised I could use another column or row.


Ideally I'd love to see some editing tabs on the table in the note. It doesn't need to have a lot of options, just a + and - symbol on the sides to add more rows and columns and little click tabs to widen or thin each row.


3. Different Note Types - More Note Viewing Options


It would also be great if you could actually select what type of note you are making. This might be similar a bit to Google Drive, but it really opens up a lot of possibilities. 


For example there is a default Note Type which is what it is now, but you can select different note types such as Photo, Document, PDF, etc. from the info options. You could still attach further information to these other types in some way so that there is more context added, but it would give you more ways of displaying the information.


I'm primarily suggesting this because I feel the display options for photos and images is not very adequate. I have a lot of inspirational images and images that I'd like to look over every now and then to get more ideas but sifting through them as is at the moment is not practical. Having 200+ singular images (in a Photo Type "Note" on their own) in a notebook titled "images", which when you click into displays a gallery you can look over would be fantastic.


Anyway there's a possibility these suggestions have been made before, but I guess it doesn't hurt to show more support for them if so. 


Please add your suggestions on how to improve these ideas or why they might never be implemented!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,


1. I am not by my Mac computers which I don't use for Evernote all that often. But I can confirm that on Windows, by double clicking on a Note it opens. You can have as many open as you want. 


2. Tables/spreadsheets would be great if you could do more work on them. Unfortunately I don't think that is something which is likely to happen from what I am aware of. For what it is worth, I use a lot of spreadsheets, with of course tables. I keep these in Evernote for ongoing reference wherever I am. However, they are worked on various computers in the office and at home. These computers keep the original which is worked on and when saved it creates a new Note in Evernote with the updated spreadsheet. You have to delete old ones as you go. Not sure if that helps, but it is my workaround. The problem is you cannot work on a spreadsheet opened from Evernote and then save it, as it doesn't always save all of the changed information. 


3. Sounds like a good idea, but not sure if it will be possible to do.


Hopefully others will be along soon to give you their opinions/ideas.


Best regards



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1. On a Mac you can have as many notes open as you like - just double click to open in a new window.

2. Take a look at the 5.6 beta - new table editing options included.

3. I think Evernote is a really bad place to keep photos - so many better options available.

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Oh of course, just open into a new tab.

And it's great to here that there's new table editing options in the beta, that's very exciting!

I know there are better options for storing photos out there, but I really want Evernote to store everything I see, hear and think about it. A lot of that is image based and it would be great to have a better way to access it and review it.

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The Windows client also allows you to open multiple notes at a time, in separate windows, not as a tabbed interface, though. That works fine for me.

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