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INTERNET_TIMEOUT when syncing in Windows 8.1


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After a fresh install of Windows 8.1 I installed Evernote Desktop version  When syncing it would be able to get some of my data but inevitably would give the following error:



09:12:48 [7912] 21% Submitting batch of 90 note calls, size=8.9MB

09:17:33 [6960] 21% Can't read from Internet, error: INTERNET_TIMEOUT
09:19:03 [7912] 21% Can't read from Internet, error: INTERNET_TIMEOUT
09:19:04 [5496] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
09:19:04 [5496] * 86 items received
09:19:04 [5496] * elapsed time: 6m 46s


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and experienced the same error.  This morning I uninstalled then installed version RC thinking that the increased sync capabilities might be my solution but:



17:06:40 [4696] 86% Submitting a batch of 60 resource calls, size=1.7MB

17:12:00 [4696] 86% Can't read from Internet, error: INTERNET_TIMEOUT
17:12:00 [4696] 86% Retrying connection, attempt 2 of 2 (notes)
17:12:01 [5960] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
17:12:01 [5960] * 86 items received
17:12:01 [5960] * elapsed time: 47m 24s


I don't have much of anything installed yet that would be blocking or limiting internet access; I have played video games that require internet access with success as well as web mail and various internet surfing.  Please let me know how I can resolve this. :(



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Sorry - so many posts,  so little time..  I'd suggest you try a clean reinstall then - exit Evernote,  Revo uninstall the software and install again; (when you run the installer,  make sure you select 'run as administrator') on the assumption that you have no unsynced or local notes yet,  I'd also suggest deleting the current database when you uninstall and rebuilding it from scratch.  If you're in any doubt about any of the above,  then please re-post.  You could also raise a support ticket (see below),  though the tech teams seem a tad busy at the moment..

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Just as a tip for anyone who reads this thread, if your computer or mobile device is in the process of doing any automatic software devices in the background, that can interfer with a successful sync. I find that Windows flashes it's software update message so fast I'm often unable to catch it before it screws up whatever I'm doing at the time.

And yes, I know I can choose not to do the auto-updates, but then I forget and it spazzes out on me.

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