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SUCCESS: Missing Images Recovered

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ISSUE:        RECOVER MISSING IMAGES - blank - white
  • 1ST:   I searched the FORUM, but did not find a RESOLUTION.
  • 2ND:  I did a search for OPENING A TICKET and found:Best practices: submitting a support ticket
  • 3RD:  I submitted the ticket and then clicked on CHAT and got Billy in TECH SUPPORT.
The following steps recovered ALL my missing photos... so I hope this proves helpful to other EN Users!
  • Click on Info LINK (top L)

  • Click on History

  • Click on appropriate DATE to restore

  • Click on Import

  • Will IMPORT to Imported Notes

  • Copy contents to desired NOTE or click on FOLDER drop down menu (top L - above font drop down menu) of NOTE WINDOW.

  • SAVE (CTRL + S) and then SYNC to cloud (F9) to permanently restore contents.


Thank you, Billy!





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That's great news! Thanks for posting the steps. I'm sure it will help other users who store pics in Evernote!

May the Force be with you... (Noticed your username. Hubby is a huge Star Wars fanatic, er, fanboy, so of course I recogonized the name. Heaven help me, I even know the names of some of the puppet characters...and worse, the car has Storm Trooper seat covers! For 18 year the car and bathroom were the only places Star Wars had not invaded my space...but he snuck that last one in when I wasn't looking. It's a guy thing isn't it?!




For me it's not so much Star Wars as the substance and wisdom the character Obi-Wan Kenobi brought to the movie. My take on the character's name, ab1kenobee, is a simple gesture of my appreciation coupled with my quirkie sense of humor. Thanks... and may the Force be with you as well!   :)

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