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The correct page is being captured in Evernote, but the URL is different. I see what you mean. I can reproduce this in Chrome on a Mac.


I speculate that this has something to do with the method that the Analog Devices web team is using to deploy pages from their content management system, or is a byproduct of some sort of redirect rules.

It is an interesting case that I will forward to our Web Clipper team for consideration. Thanks for sharing it.


If you have other examples from other websites we would like to see them also.

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Hi everyone, 

I've encountered the same problem for e.g. this page: https://people.onliner.by/2016/08/24/kurs-707

Source/bookmark is saved as: https://people.onliner.by/category/2016/08/24/kurs-707  (404)

Looks like Web Clipper takes source URL from "<meta property="og:url" ...> tag, instead of using the address bar.

While Evernote has nothing to do with incorrect metadata on particular website, this results in quite inconsistent behavior from user's point of view (tried to save X, got Y).

Thank you.

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Same thing here with page https://www.ulaval.ca/les-etudes/programmes/repertoire/details/maitrise-en-administration-des-affaires-analytique-daffaires-mba.html#description-officielle&structure-programme, which is saved as https://www.ulaval.ca/les-etudes/programmes/repertoire/details/baccalaureat-en-droit-ll-b.html, which is indeed the content of the "<meta property="og:url" ...> tag.

Edit: I just noticed this problem has been reported three years ago... I can't imagine how many Web pages could have been stored with the wrong URL in Evernote within this time...!

Edit2: I forgot to mention I'm using Web Clipper Version: (48bcd17/ on Firefox Developer Edition v56.0b2.

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