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Can I put a page divider which automatically lets scans go to the right notebook?

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I like the feature of Evernote where you put @ followed by the name of the note book and # followed by the tags. And it automatically sends your email to the right notebook.



I was thinking it would be great if I could just put a blank page and type @ followed by the name of the note book and # followed by the names of the tags and it actually would send the scanned documents to the right notebooks.


Is there a way to achieve this through scanning?


My set up:


I scan all my documents and then I add them to Evernote by dragging them from the scanned folder to Evernote. I would love if once a document is put in my inbox folder, Evernote could just look at those words @ and # and move the file to the right folder.

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There's no chance that Evernote will do this for you,  though developers do read these pages,  so someday...  but meantime if you scan to a folder on your hard drive and put your keywords in the file name,  AHK or Belvedere or some equivalent file-manager can then move the file to another folder dependent on its name,  and (in Windows*) you can specify several Import Folders all of which import their contents to different notebooks.  The file names will become your note titles,  so the 'tags' will be in the title not separate tags as such,  but are still findable with an "intitle:" search.


Macs,  I understand have script alternatives for importing files.


Hope that helps...

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