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Dictionary in Evernote

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Hi all,

This might have a very simple solution but I have searched everywhere and have not found the answer.

I read PDFs in Evernote and would like to double-click on new words to search for their meanings as I read. I thought this should be easy, just like having a Dictionary.Com add-on on FireFox, but apparently Evernote does not have it.

Does anyone know how to integrate a dictionary into Evernote?

Thank you very much!

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No dictionary,  no plans that we're aware of - but then we never know anyway.  You could use the web version of Evernote via Fx which would allow the add-in to check text for you...

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If you’re using a Mac, do the following:

1. Control click on the word (let’s say it’s bubblegum)

2. From the context menu select 'Look up “bubblegum”'

That should bring up a popover with the definition.

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16 hours ago, nowvictoriousjudge said:

Grumpy Monkey said "  Hi. Copy/paste an English dictionary (or whatever language you are using) into a note (see Project Gutenberg), open that up in a second window, and use it? "  Does this work. I'm not looking to get even more frustrated about having no dictionary.

TBH I'd want to try it out a little cautiously first - there's a max note size limit and a monthly upload allowance for all account types.  As premium you have a 200MB note size limit - make sure your dictionary copy isn't bigger than that.  Your upload allowance is a ridiculous number of gigabytes,  so unless you've been astonishingly busy,  that shouldn't be an issue.

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