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Checked boxes deleted

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I had made a checklist and marked about half of them off when I had gone off of the app for about half an hour. When I came back I noticed that all of the lines with checked boxes had been deleted and all of the ones that I still had to do were there. The checked boxes were not in order so I didn't accidentally mark one and then delete the ones above it. Can I get the checked ones back and/or stop this from happening again?

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This has happened to me -- sort-of-kind-of


Have you heard of Pocket Dialing?   You might have been Pocket Editing.


One of the biggest things I often forget to do, on the phone, is close the editing so it will save the changes. If you don't close the editing


Like in the iPhone I just back up a step (like you are heading back to the home screen) that usually saves the changes for me.


Is it possible to find your original edit. If you are premium account you have access to old shaved notes. But in my experience the pocket editing can really mess things up even older versions or you have to run to the desktop to find it.

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