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Windows - ENRegEd - Access Evernote's hidden Registry settings


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I have had an Autohotkey version of this for a while now, and since I have learnt some Visual Basic, I have decided that it needs updating.

ENRegEd is a small app that allows you to change some of Evernote's more useful, but hidden Regsitry settings.

There are some cosmetic changes, functional changes, as well as the Autoresponse dialogs that you see in Evernote and can hide, but not re-show again.

* Confirmation dialogs - Whenever Evernote asks you if you are sure, there can be a "Do not show again" option. This allows you to toggle those options.

* Advanced options - Various options that I like to use, ranging from changing how quickly to search automatically, to changing the appearance of the Evernote window.

* Restore the Send To Evernote option - Once removed, Evernote will not ever add the context menu option back. This allows a simple way to restore it if lost.

I figured since this is something I use often with Evernote, other people who may not feel so comfortable messing with the registry, or who are as lazy as I am could find some use.

It is attached to this note:


Feedback and comments are welcome.


EDIT: Update - added Fix List View Height in Advanced. Allows you to reset the list view height when you position it so it cannot be moved. Currently a bug in EN Win.

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Thanks for the kind words :)

Just a slight update to ENRegEd, another button to fix the list view height if you resize it to the point where you cannot resize anymore.

There is currently a bug reported for this:


Going to have to think about the window size again, getting a little cramped :D

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Hey spg Scott.  Excellent!  I have noticed that I get a lot of those "Not Responding" running Evernote for Windows in Windows 8.1 and Evernote (275837) Public.


Today I realized there might be a relationship to type ahead in search.  So, I used ENRegEd to turn it off. If it looks like it works, I'll update here and get EN to open a ticket.


Thanks again!

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