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Note Conflict from 1969

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Hello everyone. 


I'm having trouble finding a fix for a note conflict.


I have a note conflict from 1969, and when I try to view the note it says Note Not Found.  I can't find any evidence of this note on the web version.


I've contacted Evernote support on July 1 and again on July 10 without any response. I like the Evernote service but am disappointed in the customer service.


Does anyone have any idea where this strange conflict came from?



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Hi unc,

Sometimes EN gets a bit backed up in the support department, so I totally understand your frustration.  Are you a free user or a premium/business user?  This makes a difference in how quickly they will respond to support requests.

Also, could you provide more information here on the conflict?  Maybe a screen shot of the conflict message, what you are doing when you get the conflict, the OS and type of device you are using, etc. Someone here may be able to help with more info.


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I understand being a free customer I'm not a priority, but I thought 22 days since the first report was a bit much. That's why I came here. Thanks for your quick reply.


This problem is for the android app. Moto x, OS 4.4.2. 




This is what I see at the top of my regular To Do list note.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I don't see this conflict when I view this note on the web.


Thanks for any help.

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I totally understand your frustration with the time delay on getting support assistance.  For a company that would like to have more paying customers, it should be more responsive to support issues.


To temporarily fix the issue, it may be best to copy the content of the To Do note that creates the error and paste it into a new Note.  Then delete the Note that is causing the error.  In essence, re-creating your To Do Note Template.  The original Note may have some "electronic baggage" attached to it that continues to cause this 'conflict' error.


Let me know if that works or not (if you have not already tried this option).

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