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Abberrant screen behavior



I am running 5.5.1 desktop Mac on Mavericks 10.9.4.  This update from 10.9.2 was installed on July 2nd so would not explain the behavior I am about to report.  On June 28th I I wrote to support and never received other than an automated reply.


The Problem:

  • On a daily basis since June 28th the dock icon repeatedly bounces while the program is open, whether I am actually working in Evernote or not.  It is doing it right now as I type in Safari!
  • In addition periodically (like right now) the Evernote screen begins to flash quickly & strangely like multiple files are being saved.  It is too fast for me to tell what is happening, but I can see the rapid line moving across the message that one sees when files are being saved.
  • Shutting down the program and reopening it does not help.  I love Evernote but this is literally driving me crazy.  
  • I can't be fast enough to capture a screen shot of the behavior.

Can anyone help?  


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Thanks Scott!  I am running the Mac App Store version.  I have already uninstalled and re-installed it, again from the Mac App Store.  I couldn't find a way to do it directly from Evernote.com. 

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It's a pretty standard-issue troubleshooting technique.


Logging out and back in, turning on and off, making sure something is plugged in, uninstalling and reinstalling, and so on are just the standard issue first-steps to troubleshooting any problem. 



I see, you are referring to switching to the Direct version. I don't know if that will solve this issue, it does have other benefits (software updates will reach you faster!). 


The act of doing a full reinstall (that is, complete removal and reinstall), whether you switch to the direct version or simply stick with the Mac App Store version may resolve the issue because reinstalling is often a solution to a large number of problems. 

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Hi MB321.


In spotlight type "console", launch it and then in console search for "evernote"


you will see a lot of lines like these:


14/07/22 2:06:54.501 PM Evernote[422]: (different text depending on what evernote is doing)
highlight the most recent 20-30 entries or so and press Command + C and then post it here.  In the unlikely event that the log has some personal info make sure you delete that before posting.  No guarantee but I might be able to help you depending on what is in the logs you post.
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