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(Archived) Scansnap keywords

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I think it neat that you can highlight (using a yellow marker) certain words in a document, and scansnap will automatically keyword the pdf with those highlighted words. Is there any sense in having these integrate with evernote in some way, for example assigning a matching evernote tag to the file, or creating a new tag if none exists? On the other hand, I kinda suspect these keywords are internal to the scansnap organizer and hence not actually embedded into the file itself -- and hence not available to evernote?


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They certainly appear within the keywords against the pdf within scansnapp manager, but I can't see them in a media cataloguing app I use (MS Expression Media). Perhaps scansnap is putting them in a custom place in the file, if at all. It would be a nice way of applying tags to a document in evernote, at the pre rather than post capture stage.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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