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Note Versionning

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I saw few topic about request to retreive old notes after synch, but I would like to know if you have or it's planned to work on versionning.


I would like to track version for my notes and be able to got back to previous notes history version based on the changes description.


Is it something than can be a project to work on?



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Hi - this is a user forum and we welcome feature requests such as this.  Evernote developers will see,  and may consider using your request;  but they're not (usually) going to provide any feedback directly.  The sort of versioning you describe sounds very much like a Wiki - it's possible to step back to any previous version of a note at any time.  The Mediawiki software that runs Wikipedia forinstance works on this basis.  Evernote doesn't at the moment,  and providing the extra storage necessary would be a huge investment for no obvious return.  It seems unlikely that they would consider this anytime soon.


You can,  of course,  record your own note versions,  simply by exporting your notes on a daily (or even hourly) basis.  If you name your export files with full date and time information you would be able to recover any of your notes made at a specific time.

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The premium edition of Evernote allows you to look at a note history. The note history is created approximately 3 times a day (if a note is changed), so you will have some past versions. If you make several changes within an 8 hour segment, it captures just one version.


Example: Here is the history of one of my notes. 



I agree with Gazumped. It is unlikely this feature will be further enhanced. I've used Evernote for 6 years and never looked at the note history.

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