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Why the hell Web clipper 6.2 (26213d0/


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Why the Clipper 6.2 for Mac Chrome has no button SHARE, TEXTINPUT, ARROW MARKER?


It seems to be going worse than previous version. 


But still the clipper for Mac Safari (6.13) has its lovely fuctions....


Please, I hope they re-look the usibility of clipper...


Not always proper that "less is more"



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@everBlueApple, if you've been a long-time EN clipper user, you'll note that ver 6.2 is more like the previous versions before ver6 in that it the UI isn't as cluttered and has a more streamlined user experience.  As a long-time user of clipper through several iterations, I welcome this change as do many others.  The workflow with ver6 was not as good as 6.2.  Too many clicks too far away on screen to get the same job done.

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All things you can do in version 6 you can also do in 6.2, the workflow is a bit different and in my opinion much improved such as:

- Sharing is now available once you have made the clip. This makes for a cleaner upfront UX and less confusion as to what state of the note you are sharing. 

- Text input is relabeled as 'Add remark' in English. 

- Arrow marker and all other annotation tools are now exposed once you have made a screenshot. In previous version the tools were visible at start but when used the Clipper still needed to take a screenshot. In version 6.2 you define the screenshot first and then the annotation tools are available. 


Hope that helps, we haven't taken any functionality away.

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