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Found possible reason Evernote was crashing


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For some time Evernote Desktop - Windows, has been driving me mad - seriously slow to load then very frequent crashes.  If I ever got it to open then left it open I would come back to find it had crashed again :-(


Looked through the logs and spotted loads of "failed to upload cos files too big" - I had many years ago panicked at Apple not letting old phones load old versions of apps - article I read recommended saving the .ipa files should you ever need to load and older version - in my wisdom I set Evernote to Auto-upload the folder with them all in. - and promptly forgot about it.  Ties in with the unattended crashing - sync was set to every 30 mins.


Decided to remove folder from auto-uploads.  Boy was that fun.  Evernote running like a dog, every window I opened in the sequence to get to the sync folders option would "Not respond" and/or crash the damn program completely.


Finally got to delete the offending auto-sync.  Evernote runs like a dream and syncs really quickly.


So..... sounds like error handling on sync is maybe causing a massive memory loss? 


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Congrats on finding the cause of your particular problems. What was the size of the autoupload folder, do you delete the files after uploading, and what is the size of the average .ipa file?

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