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Clipper 5.9.1 conflicts with Sandboxie - WM_COPYDATA (2)

Coffee Head

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I run Firefox in a sandbox with Sandboxie. The latest 5.9.1 version of Clipper will not work. (I have the Clipper options set to "Send to: Evernote on your desktop". Everything works fine if I "Send to:" the web). I get an error message about the Windows WM_COPYDATA (2) process conflicting with Sandboxie. The Sandboxie support site says that this process is little-used; here's information from their support site:


Some little-used system service, which is identified by name, is not implemented by Sandboxie. This is a warning/notification message from Sandboxie. The sandboxed program may or may not fail.

Missing functionality related to Protected Storage and Windows Credentials

The explanation below applies to these missing services:

  • CredReadA
  • IPStore::GetTypeInfo

Protected Storage is a facility that some Windows programs use to collect history of typed text. Windows credentials is a facility that some Windows programs (like Windows Messenger), and some Microsoft web sites (like Hotmail) use to remember user/password information.


More information at http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?SBIE2205

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