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Simple Feature Request: Include Total Attachment Count in Attachment Status





This can be so helpful in determining the total number of images/attachments within a note. We use Evernote for blogging and usually posts have a limit on the number of images it can include. The only way currently is to save attachments to a folder and count it.


So currently instead of saying 'All attachments have been indexed.' Can you please revise it to: 'All X attachments have been indexed.'. 


Simple change but it can help a lot of people.


Thanks for reading!


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I think the limit is probably the note size rather than the number of attachments.


I actually meant the internal limit we have for image counts. For example short blog posts on our website have a 50 image limit. Long features have a 100 image limit.


Anyway I am sure there would be people out there who would like to quickly get an idea on the number of images they have within a note.

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