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I don't know if it is built in, you probably need to go third-party. While I've never used it for this purpose, I use Readdle's PDF converter whenever I need to create a PDF on my iOS device.:


Not cheap but the developer is solid and the utility is great.

Thanks, Scott. What steps do you execute to get a note from Evernote to Readdle PDF converter?

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Hmmmm well like I said I haven't done exactly this with PDF Converter, but I suspect you could try and see if the clipboard to pdf feature works, so select the contents of the note, copy it, and use PDF converter to create a PDF. 


There may be other methods, i'll have to play around and report back. 

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Hi, I use Printer Pro and the only thing I can "print" is a screenshot of the public link page. That is... not satisfactory. I can also send the note as mail, "select all" and then print the contents of the clipboard. Works fairly well, except you don't get a title. Also, lots of work, not satisfactory. 


When I'm on my home network, I can use Printopia to print the note to my connected printers or as a pdf directly to Dropbox, my Mac (or as a pdf to Evernote, in a very recursive fashion). Works well but only on home network. 


There used to be some Apps that showed up as Air Print printers on iOS but apparently they got pulled from the App Store. 


Looks like we are up the creek unless either 

  • Apple offers system-wide "print as pdf" or
  • Evernote offers "open pdf in..."


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I found a work around today using the PrintCentral app on my iPad. You will need to upgrade the basic version to get the ability to "print to a PDF"

Before you get started, open the PrintCentral app. Select the "Local Files" area and create a folder you will use to contain the notes you export as a PDF

1. Open the note in evernote and tap the share icon

2. Choose to share a link

3. Choose public link. A link to your note will be copied to the clipboard

4. Switch to the PrintCentral app

5. Select Web Pages

6. Select the URL address bar area and paste the contents of the clipboard (ie. the public link to your note)

7. Select the print icon in the upper right of the screen

8. Insure "Convert to PDF" is selected as a printer

9. Tap save

10. Select the folder you set up for saving your PDF'd Evernote note.

11. Confirm the title of the PDF (it will default to the note title)

12. Select save

The note will be saved as a PDF to your selected folder. From there you can do an open in, which includes email.

Although it seems a lot of steps, it can actually be done pretty quickly.

Good luck!

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26 minutes ago, crichton007 said:

I have tried exporting to PDF using Riddle's tool and all I get is the link to the web view in a PDF. The option posted by cjarmk looks like it would work but that is just too many steps for something so easy to do in a desktop environment, especially on a Mac. 

It's not something I do very often on my ipad (I prefer the Mac for this)

If I needed it on the fly, I would use the pdf-to-iBook option.

Its under the Share menu


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1 hour ago, Ptomas said:

What I see is only cumbersome way how to bypass missing Evernote functionallity ... any hints about possibility to have it built into Evernote app for iOS?

There is no indication that Evernote is considering adding this feature in the IOS environment.
So far, this is just a help discussion; You might want to post a feature request in the feedback forum

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