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notebook search operator is overly specific


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I have many notebooks with "two words" as its name. for example, one of it is called "writing tips". 


When using the search bar, using




turns up nothing. 


i have to type the entire notebook name in parentheses for it to be recognized:


notebook:"writing tips" 


is there any way to introduce autocomplete or sorts into the program? 



the other issue is as follows:


when in one particular notebook and I click the search bar, it will search within that particular notebook.


however, if i use the keyboard shortcut to activate search, it will clear my search operators and search all my notes instead.


any way to configure this behavior? 



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There is no autocomplete for notebooks.


A couple savings tip


I avoid the quotation marks by changing multiple words into one word with a dash. This eliminates 2 keystrokes.



notebook:"writing tips" 




I restrict the number of notebooks to just a few very broad topics - job, home, finance, leisure, misc.  And I use Evernote's search grammar and tags find the notes I want.

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2nd question


I'm not a big fan of this option, but in the Evernote Windows client take a look at the upper right section for the search field. There is a magnifying glass and a down arrow just before "Search all notes"


If you click on the down arrow, you can change the search status from:

"Search all notes"


"Search current context"


Just be sure to remember which one you have selected or you might find some odd search results.

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