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recover Audio File that was cut but did not paste?

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hi all,


i have evernote on my 3 devices and am currently using the free app. i am considering upgrading to paid version.


i had a AUDIO FILE in a note and i wanted to put it in a different note.


i /thought/ i would cut it and then paste it into a new note but once i got into the new note the PASTE did not work.  of course i didn't just copy it and then go back and delete it and what i am wondering is if i can RECOVER this audio.


i do know that it was not syncing to my laptop or desktop since the audio file was too large to sync using the free app and it was asking if i wanted to upgrade to sync the app (i didn't) and i just checked my laptop and i don't see the audio file in the note on my laptop.


any way to recover this?


is this a bug in the app - copying but not pasting audios...?



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  • 1 year later...

This happened to be also.... I can't paste the audio file now that i cut it on the ipad... Does evernote realize how catastrophic these types of audio losses are to their users?  I pay premium for these types of errors.  The audio is lost...

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  • 2 years later...

This happen to me on Windows 10 evernote app.


When I move recording file to other note section to paste from cutting it from different note, it was pasting last keyword copied text.

Really bad that this is happening after having post 2.5+ years back.


Hopefully, I was able to recover it back from history. Otherwise, that was a lost of important recording.

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