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Note auto-tagging

Vincent Wong


Just wanted to share an observation: I use Evernote primarily as a web-clipper and I find that the auto-tagging of such imported notes to be really freaky. Without prompting, Evernote tags my notes correctly 90% of the time, which suggests that the service learns user behaviour. While I appreciate the automation, I think Evernote stores more personal info than Facebook because the user sorts the collected data into meaningful categories for Evernote to peruse. 

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Glad to hear it is working well for you!

I don't know what more or less than Facebook would mean. I suppose if you are uploading 50 gigabytes of data a year (the theoretical maximum for a business user), that's going to be a lot!

The difference is that Evernote doesn't mine the data, sell it, target you with ads, or perform experiments on you. It tags things better. That's all. It seems innocuous and quite convenient to me.

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