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Skitch for iOS image locked in Evernote

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I annotated an image in skitch on my iPad this morning and saved it to Evernote. Now I'm out and about and remembered one more thing I want to put on that image. I open the note in Evernote on my iPhone, and the image is locked. I can't annotate it.

Did I do something wrong when I saved it to Evernote, or is this a bug? I thought the purpose of the Skitch 3 redesign (which I'm a big fan of) was to simplify that workflow and then we would do editing in Evernote. Is that wrong?


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Same here, except that I *can* long-press annotate the image, change the title and notebook, and edit tags. I can't edit the note body, and any taps on the lock icon lead to a failed request to edit. I use 2FA and have signed out and back in on both Skitch and Evernote on my iPhone, and I've tried actively saving images to my Evernote and having Skitch auto-save when I use a different Share action.

This bug makes an iOS Skitch -> Evernote workflow broken afaic. I need to add notes to annotated images!

The workaround is to put the image directly into a note in the Evernote app and annotate it there. It is perhaps a little more cumbersome, but it will keep me from dropping my phone in the nearest lake...

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From Evernote Support:


Skitch notes/images are not editable within Evernote because if you were to add text to the body of the Skitch note (or other formatting), that does not directly get translate back within Skitch, which is why you see a lock symbol on the note within Evernote.

A work around this is you can open the Evernote app on your iOS device > create a new note > add the image to the note as an attachment > and use the annotation tool within Evernote to annotate the image (that way you can add text to the body of the note).

If you had already annotated the image, you will need to save the annotated image to your device > create a new note > and attach that annotated image to the new note (please note that existing annotation that were created in Skitch will not be editable now, if you were to upload the save image instead of starting with a fresh image, but new annotation can be added on and edit).


FWIW I can't edit Skitch notes in my Windows client, the web interface, or iOS app.

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