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Feature Request / Annoying Feature Change Request...

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Jeff. I have a would like to request that a feature change.


The request...


If focus is currently in the Title control box and you try to attach a file, Evernote simply does nothing. As a former programmer I am not sure what the appropriate response would be, but doing nothing is moderately annoying. My gut tells me the most elegant solution is to simply append the attachment to the end of the current note if there is any content already in the note and switch the focus to the note body input control with the cursor positioned after the new attached content.


I just want to say thanks for a great product. Evernote is the best $45 I spent in the last 12 months. I have spent a year using the product and have acculumated about 4500 notes. Only a handful of times have I not been able to find the exact note I was looking for in a short period of time.



Jeff "Quickdraw"

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