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Running two separate evernote at the same time?

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I have a question.

My first account : Offline database  (export and import when using, of course.. i must login first but unchecked auto-sync and never sync)


My second account : Online database, used to sync between devices


Now, i want how to running two separate evernote, one for offline database and one for online database.




Thanks! :)



edit : I only found one way, switch to another user. First account on user A, second acc on user B. When i want using second account i must switch to user B.

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Try running the online database in your browser and the local one in the desktop client.  Beware that moving notes between the two might take some time if they all have to be uploaded/ downloaded in full - make sure you allow enough time for both clients to save their contents before exiting.

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Depending on the speed of your system and the memory you have, you could install Virtual Box and then install windows + Evernote on a virtual machine.  Each new virtual machine you make could have a different Evernote account logged in.  However this setup is a bit extreme for one app and could get expensive since you technically (legally) need a different licensed copy of Windows for each virtual machine.  In general I would say this is probably too much work/cost for what you are trying to achieve however I figured I would throw it out there just to make sure all options were explored.



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