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Feature Request: Enhanced formatting options via user interface


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Please consider enhancing textual formatting options available through the user interface.  I acknowledge that one of the benefits and charms of Evernote is its relatively simple, uncluttered interface and small system footprint, and you've already incorporated the many of the options typically made directly available to users in popular textual/character-oriented applications available in a Windows environment such as MS Office and Windows apps.  However, I have recently encountered situations where such additional features as overlining (basically the opposite -- position-wise -- of underlining), modification of vertical-centric paragraph formatting (e.g., inter-paragraph spacing), and column formatting would have been useful.


Yes, overlining is an obscure and esoteric text (character-based) formatting option, but note that it is supported in open-source office suites LibreOffice (see attached JPEG file) and OpenOffice, and that it is part of W3C's CSS standard...


2.1. Text Decoration Lines: the ‘text-decoration-line’ property Name: text-decoration-line Value:

none | [ underline || overline || line-through || blink ]


Regarding vertical-centric paragraph formatting, there are times I copy a series of Web text excerpts into an Evernote note and find that a peculiar paragraph-spacing value has insinuated its way into the note, forcing itself on all subsequent note text.  The same has been true for multi-column formatting.  I have not (yet) felt deprived due to my not being able to apply my own inter-paragraph spacing settings or to generate multiple columns, I have found myself performing custom selections within the note to identify where unaffected regions are that I can "patch in" later in the note where the aforementioned imported formatting hs been forced onto all subsequent content.  For these formatting issues where my primary interest is to back out of formats imposed by imported text, an alternative solution might be to make the "Simplify Formatting" -- which currently appears applicable only to the entire note -- applicable also to the user's selection of one region within the note.


Thx for your consideration.


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