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Changing Default Language for Evernote Android App

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I usually use the Evernote software on my PC. I found the mobile version today, and downloaded it for convenience. My android phone is a Korean machine, and everything is written in Korean, which I can't really read.


How do you change the language of the Evernote android app?

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If your mobile is set to use English then Evernote AFAIK should follow the same language setting.  If you can start Evernote you could try the three dots menu to get to Settings and try to find Sync,  then scroll down to the last item Country and choose the correct setting...

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Is Android set to Korean, or is it just Evernote?


@Gaz - I'm not sure what the "Country" setting in Evernote does.

I assumed it had to do with servers due to it's location on the menu.






I just changed the setting in Evernote.  It did not appear to change the language in any part of Evernote.

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