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Notebook selection from search results


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Is it possible to automatic select the parent notebook of some note from the results of a search?


Let me clarify my question:


I have my notes organized in stacks of notebooks. 


If I'd search in all my notes, say, the word "work" I'd get a list of every note that contains the word "work"; what I would like to do was to select a specific note from the search results list and being able to see the remaining notes that belong to that notebook (as if I had selected that specific notebook from the left pane notebooks)... Is this possible? 


(Did I make myself clear? Probably not...)



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pmota - The only thing I can think of that might be close to what you want is:

  • Select the Notebook you want to search in
  • In the "Search" box, enter "-work" (without the quotes)


That will find all the Notes in that Notebook that do not have the word "work".

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