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PC Shortcut for Bullets

Mark Seward

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I'm a PC user having trouble with the shortcut for bullets. 


I used to type Control-Shift-B to insert a bullet and it's no longer working. Instead of the bullet, Skitch now pops up.


Can someone please advice if the PC shortcut has changed or, if not, what is going on with my PC and how I can get it back?


Thanks in advance!



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Yeah, Skitch is hijacking the Evernote Ctrl+Shift+B <Bold> shortcut (it's been reported before). And also the Ctrl+Shift+C <Todo> shortcut as well. No way to change the shortcuts, as far as I know. Annoying that they conflict. You can get the keys back by shutting down Skitch, but hey, Skitch is useful too!!

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