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The Evernote Web Clipper

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I have an open ticket (#645344) for this, but I was curious if anyone else is seeing this issue...


I have a dual-monitor setup at work and at home. I have the latest 6.2 version of the Web Clipper extension along with the latest stable Google Chrome browser on Win7 Pro 64-bit. If I open the Web Clipper on a page, switch to screenshot, and I take a screenshot, more times than not, I can't see anything except a plain white screen. If I move the browser window to my other monitor, or move it and then bring it back, the screenshot shows up, and I can annotate it. As I mentioned before, this happens more times than not, in my experience. I have a similar setup at home, but I haven't had a chance to try it there yet to see if it's happening on that one or not. I have only been able to do this at my work computer.


I saw this behavior the other day using the 6.2 beta version of the extension, but I didn't get a chance to report it to anyone before the extension went live.


Are any other users having this issue?

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