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Is it possible to add tags to your image/note while using the document camera in iOS?


It would be nice to add a few tags, title and specify a notebook when taking the photo rather than having to take the photo, go to inbox, click on note, click on info button, add tags, click done, click the inbox button, select folder.


I use Genius Scan for this but would like to have a one app solution. Also, Genius Scan's add tags functionality is less than desirable. One big long list of tags rather than Evernote's elegant search while you type feature of adding tags.



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The only workaround I can envision is that you create the note in the notebook you want it in, title and tag it, then scan the document using the camera button at the bottom of the note display. 


An accidental benefit of this is that if evernote crashes while scanning the document (as it often seems to), at least your note with the title and tags is still there after the crash!

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