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evernote desktop app can not be installed on pc


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i windows 8 pc, i have installed evernote desktop app. application is installed and evernote icon is there on desktop. Each time i run evernote it re installs the application again and that functions normally. an error is there while installing which is could not write a value to key.


a screenshot is attached.


any solution?post-211139-0-93299600-1405605292_thumb.

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I'm having the same issue on a clean build of Win8.1 Pro, and I have used revo to remove evernote and clean but still no success.  I have tried to install 5.8.8, 5.8.11 and 5.8.12 and all of them give me the same message can not write value to key.  Any suggestions?

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The screenshot seems to be Internet Explorer related. The install program can't add the EN webclipper in the IE's tools menu I guess (via a registry key). Something special with your IE maybe ?


On win7, I run install as admin on a limited session, no trouble with EN (I had some programs which failed installation this way).

But maybe Win8 requires you install directly from an admin session to add this registry key.

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