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Feature request: Add new note as link from current note



I like using evernote as a wikipedia-esque sprawling "web of knowledge", and use the "Copy Note Link" function often to connect information. However this is quite disruptive, as I have to leave the current note I'm using to find the note to link to. 


Often I find myself wanting to create a new note, linked in-text from the note I'm currently writing in. 


Wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could highlight a word or phrase from a note and right-click to "create new linking note"? A new note would then be created (in the same notebook), the highlighted phrase being its title, and the original note's phrase linking to the new note automatically, without having to use "Copy note link".


This would speed up my workflow considerably and I'm sure be useful to many other people!


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Hi - Good suggestion;  it has been raised before along with general requests for an overhaul to the whole note linking process.  Maybe in an update soon...  (that's not inside knowledge,  I just want this too!)

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