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Using Evernote as a calendar?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a way I can store upcoming important appointments.


I thought a calendar app would be ideal for this, but then I thought it'd be great if I could use Evernote as a calendar as Evernote runs on all my devices. I was thinking of buying 'Evernote Premium', but I won't buy this if I can't use Evernote as a calendar.



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I use a standard calendar application (iCloud for personal, Exchange for work). If any event in my calendar needs extensive additional notes or has files associated with it, or it is a meeting that I will require meeting notes for, I create a note in Evernote, copy the note link (I use Classic note link - hold opt- while right-clicking on a note to get "classic" note links) and I paste that in the URL of the calendar event. That way, when I check my calendar or I receive an alert for that event, I just click on the note link and it takes me to my Evernote note (which may contain, depending on the event, paperwork to be submitted; a blank note for meeting notes; a meeting agenda; a presentation; and so on).


I do the same with my to-do list application. Any list item that has some additional information or resources associated with it, I store those in Evernote and use the note link in my to-do list app. 

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If you're on Windows as your desktop platform, you can check out our TuskTools Calendar.  It has its own calendar interface on Windows, plus integrates with Google Calendar for all other platforms - and Outlook integration is currently in testing for release shortly.

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