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Groups of users in EN Business



Is it possible to make groups of users in Evernote Business?

I know it's possible to share information with individuals or with the entire business, but I would like to share information with groups of co-workers. Group certain users together and share information with that group, instead of having to type each individual's name/email over and over again to share each individual note or notebook. For instance group people into departments within the company or into people within a certain project. Also, if someone switches from department or joins a projects it would be way easier to just add or remove someone from that group instead of having to go through each individual note/notebook etc etc.

Is it possible to group users? And if so, how?

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Hi.  As mentioned,  it's possible to paste lists into the sharing dialogue (haven't tested this with a business account though).  In theory at least you should be able to maintain an admin list of shares for one specific area in a note and cut and paste into the share field for another as comma separated  - <address1>,<address2>,<address3>


Agreed though that Groups would make shares easier to manage...

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