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Blurry Annotation View



Hi -


I have 2 questions about using annotation view.


1) Annotation View Text Blurry


When I attach a pdf to a note and then open it in Preview, the pdf text is crisp.  The same goes if I open the attached file using the Quick Look icon (the one that looks like an eye).


Yet, when I open the same attached pdf using the Evernote annotation tool (by clicking on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the upper left), the text is quite blurry, making the annotation tool unusable if reading for a long time.


Does anyone have a fix for this? Am I missing a setting somewhere?


2) Default pdf View Setting


Does anyone know how to change the default pdf view setting to 'View as Attachment'? Whenever I attach/modify a pdf, it reverts to a full 'View Inline' presentation, which is too big when dealing with multipage pdf's


Thanks for the assistance!

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