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(Archived) Multiple Copies of Evernote




Relatively recently discovered Evernote, and already it has become pretty much essential. However I run into a slight problem.

What I want to be do is run two instances of Evernote: one personal copy for my notes and one that will share documents with other people in my company. I'd want to keep these separate under different accounts. I was wondering whether it is possible to have two separate accounts of Evernote on the same computer, and if so how to go about it.

Any ideas would be much appreciated :)



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Thats a real shame. I'm just setting up a company account for all common information, ie phone numbers, contacts, wi-fi numbers, IP addresses and just thought I could log out of my desktop client on my mac and log-into the work one I've created.

So if I get everyone using the work version on desktop, PC Blackberry and iPhones which I'll do, they're not likely to get there own personal accounts (losing 'pro' revenue for Evernote) as the web interface will be their only choice, which is in no way the broad experience that I get with my account which I've been using for about a year and love.

Is this really not possible in the future?

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We wouldn't rule it out, but this would be a fairly large project, and we're more likely to spend time on implementing our "sharing" features in the clients, so you could edit a shared notebook from within the client.

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Add me to the list of (paid!) users who would love to be able to run two or more instances of Evernote from one machine.

The difficulty with the proposed solution of accessing one account from the native app and the second account from the web browser is that when you want to clip a note using the web clipper it won't clip to the browser account if you've got the other account open in the native software.

I would love to be able to use the Evernote native software to view notes from multiple accounts, and to select which account to clip a note to when using the web clipper.

Like the other posters, my reason is that I want to segregate business notes from personal notes.

I understand the danger of this from a business model POV: if you can access multiple free accounts from one instance of the desktop software, then you could have unlimited storage space without paying. This could be remedied by limiting you to at most one free account per paid account purchased. So you could have one free account alone, a free account + a paid account, two free accounts and two paid accounts, etc.

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Problem is, those that want this feature are VERY few and far between... very specific request that would be a lot of work for the benefit of a very few. I agree that the developers time would be better spent on the Sharing features in the desktop apps. Out of the hundreds of feature requests I have seen on this board, I think almost every one of them is more beneficial than this feature and would take up a lot less time coding. Spending that much time on such a feature would require a large percentage of user benefit due to the major delay it would put on other features, and I seriously doubt it will achieve the necessary requests to see the light of day.

Then to suggest they change their requirement structer with a bunch of hooey about a limit of 2 free accounts per paid account, not to exceed 5 free per household excluding common law family units in which case 10 free accounts per household with a minimum of 4 paid accounts, blah, blah, blah... I am obviously over stating this issue, but come on, get a grip... they are not going to confuse the ***** out of everyone just so a handful of users can log into multiple accounts on the same computer.

If they could just hammer out the sharing in the desktop App, you could simply let ALL of your employees have their own personal account and simply create a business notebook in your personal account and then share it with all of your employees. That would let them access it from their desktop app without requiring a separate account. There really is no argument anyone could make to say logging into multiple accounts from a single desktop is any more beneficial to sharing a notebook instead... in fact, I'd say the latter is cleaner and more efficient.

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I don't think it's as far between as you think. Having a shared computer in a household is very common, and my wife and I (both registered users) need this feature to keep our paperless inbox in order.

While a shared folder would be ok, it would not replace the need to have two accounts. There is stuff I don't intend on 'sharing' and currently have to resort to the web client.

I can't see a reason why this feature would be so arduous to develop, and would be beneficial to many.


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It seems to me that Evernote's focus is toward a person & various things that person wants to remember & be able to recall on various platforms. It's not (at least at this time or any time in the past) designed for collaborative efforts. So this is like asking why you can't share your PIM info with someone. If I want my husband to know something, I either email him or talk (gasp!) to him.

I can't see a reason why this feature would be so arduous to develop, and would be beneficial to many.

FYI, everyone thinks that of every feature they want. If you can't see a reason why this feature would/could be arduous then I would ask...how do you know this? Are you on the EN dev team & know this first hand? If not, then you really don't know.

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