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Evernote Sign-Out Issue

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Hello Evernote World,


I'm very new to using Evernote.  I've done a lot of research before deciding to use this program to handle my home acitivies as well as my work. I barely have gotten started using the program and already I've encountered a HUGE problem.  I have many notes which have not "synced".  I get "Synchronization failed" error message.  I try to sign-out of my account and it won't let me because when signing off it does it's "Synchronization Process" only to NOT sign me out but NOTHING happens.


I've placed NUMEROUS Evernote Service Tickets and I keep getting "days later responses" back only to tell me what I've already tried OR I received incomplete details of what I need to do.  Can anyone offer advice?  This has held up my progress now for THREE WEEKS, a great deal of TIME LOST when I could have been working making money to support my home.


I'm beyond furious!  Someone PLEASE SAVE ME...


Still Hoping,


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