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Export from Web / Account Size

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For years, I've been using EN as a repository for images of receipts I captured by taking pictures on my phone.  I suspect the size of my account on EN is huge as a result of the large file size for each receipt image.  I've been using the phone and web clients exclusively.  I now would like to use the desktop client.  But when I install the desktop client, sync is crazy slow -- hours go by I and only get about 50 of 400 EN notes delivered from the web to the desktop.  I have the same problem on both Mac and PC versions of the EN desktop client.  I suspect again it's because of the large file sizes.


If I'm right about what's causing the problem, I could just export the receipt images out of EN to make my EN account much smaller, and then sync from web to desktop. The problem is that I don't see a way to export from the web client -- I think you can only do that from the desktop clients.  Is that right?  Also, is there a way to see the size of my entire EN account from the web client?  It looks like I can only do that from the desktop, which of course doesn't help me much if I'm trying to find out how much data I'm trying to sync from web to desktop . . . . 


Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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Hi. Welcome to the forums. I am afraid you have figured it out already -- you have to download it all before you can export it. If you have a spare computer lying around, this might be the time to fire it up again. 


By the way, we used to be able to calculate our account size from the iOS apps (mark notebooks as offline and then see what the estimated size was), but that number was removed from the app last year. I am kind of surprised that 400 notes (even at the maximum size of 100MB a piece) are so slow to download, but without knowing more about your account, there isn't much more to say.

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There is an option but you probably won't like it much. Email. Email all notes you need to backup and when you signin to your email client you should be able to save the attachments to your computer. No attachment then you would need to copy and past to a word document or OneNote. This is what I did before I downloaded Evernote to my computer. However my desktop EN is extremely slow! I have roughly 800 notes and am on the rise every day so will probably do away with the desktop client because if it's already this slow (& it's extremely time wastingly slow) then it defeats the purpose of making my life easier and stress free. I also tried taskclone and others of the like what a joke for people with attachments! My notes were a jumbled mess with attachments separated from the note I typed in EN. Long story short there is generally a way around certain things but it usually isn't easy. Maybe someone will chime in with a better solution, I could use as well.

I backup all my notes to OneNote & OneDrive (copy paste or email) just to be safe. Seems redundant but I have a lot of important info (as do most people) that if lost would be castrophic to me & the company I work for. I only back up things that would make loose my mind if it was lost, I can go on living without my grocery list.

I hope this helps and good luck! Oh and sorry I tend to be long winded or long typed, whatever you get the point!

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