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Swiping and through notes on my android like I do with gmails

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One of the best things about Google's Gmail app is that you can swipe left and right to move between e-mails when in full view. This is a beautiful behaviour on a tablet or phone. I can work my way through a stack without having to go back to list view each time. Fantastic for sorting and reviewing.

Please support it.

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The good news is that posting your feature request here in the Forum, is that someone from Evernote reads every single post your request as been duly noted! (Though their actual visits to interact with users is relatively rare.)

The not so good news is that Evernote does not reveal their long or short-term plans & goals. They do occassionally allude to them both here on the Forum and in the Official Blog, but never with a specific ETA about what features they plan to roll-out or improve upon.


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