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Sync problem because of a big note?

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For the past 2 months, I've had a syncing problem and could not get all my 90,000 or so notes to my Windows8.1 laptop after doing a reinstall.  I've already asked for a service ticket and have support helping me but not being able to use the Windows ver. of Evernote for 2 months is a big pain...


Now for why I'm writing on the forum.  It seems that one of the reason that my sync did not work was due to a note that is larger than 100MB (as an ENEX edport file).  It seems that there was a note that I synced before the reinstall (when, I don't remember) that was quite large with lots of JPG.  The note it self was less than 100MB but looks like that when it synced to the server ran an OCR and the file became bigg.

With the help of the support I used the web version to export and delete the note than the sync started to run again.


My question to the other users is, have anyone else had this kind of a "Note clogging the sync" kind of a problem?


It also seems that a "sync clogging" occurs if the note is over 50,000KB in an exported ENEX format for me.  Any body else having the same problem?



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I haven't experienced or heard of others who have experienced your issue.


But I think there is a lesson there for all of us.


As a Best Practice, I would suggest:

  • Smaller notes are, in general, better than large notes
  • Just like with your hard drive, don't exceed 80% of capacity with your Note.
  • Breakup large topics into separate, logical Notes, then after sync select all of these related Notes and auto-create a "Table of Contents note"

Just my thoughts.  Adjust as necessary for your preferences/workflow.

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It seems, I have encountered the same problem. I am running Windows 10 and up to a point everything worked just fine. But about a week ago I uploaded quite a few large notes (more than 100MB each). Since then Windows client no longer syncs properly. I have “Revo”- uninstalled and reinstalled client two times. It does connect to server and syncs some notes but eventually sync fails and my large notes as well as the small notes I have created through the web clipper after uploading these large ones stay unsynced.

Finally, I gave up and decided to use Web and my android apps.

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