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mac Import CSV into Evernote as Separate Notes (Text Lists, Too!)

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Import CSV into Evernote as Separate Notes (Text Lists, Too!)


I have seen a number of requests asking how to import CSV files into Evernote.

Here is a solution provided by a great web site, Veritrope.com





This AppleScript lets you import CSV into Evernote. Just select a text or CSV file and then follow the on-screen instructions to import its many rows and columns of data into separate Evernote items. I included some common characters used as row and column delimiters in files like these, but you can also add your own with a quick edit to the script. In some CSV files, a cell is “escaped” because it contains a comma as part of its data (i.e., “Hello, World!”). Normally this would cause AppleScript to miscount the number of columns, but I’ve added some code that looks for these special cells and (hopefully) keeps things straight.

I also thought it might be fun to allow you to “map” your data to different Evernote properties. A preview using the first row’s data is generated before the import takes place. The script allows multiple columns to be selected for either note body text (separated by a return) or for use as tags. If you want to target specific columns of data for your import, this AppleScript also allows you to discard a column’s data on the way into Evernote.


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