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Evernote Clipper error acknowledgement and promised response

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Has anyone ever gotten a response to the auto-response email when there is an error and a log file is sent.  I've clicked "send to Evernote" and received many auto-responses and never anything more.  Here's the response that would make most people think they would hear more from Evernote within a few days.


"As a valued customer of Evernote, you will receive support within 1 business day.

Evernote is closed on Weekends and Holidays."

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Hi.  When you have an error in normal operations and a report is generated to be sent to Evernote,  that's an anonymous report that just helps to identify if and when things go wrong.  There will be no further contact from Evernote on the situation.


If you need specific help with that (or any other) problem, then raise a support ticket (see link below) when you will receive an automated acknowledgement and get a real person within a few days.  Priority depends on whether or not you're a paying customer.

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