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android Android Wear and Evernote

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Can anyone give me some pointers on how I can voice control Evernote?


I would like to be able to add things to a shopping list by talking to my phone.  It says in the app description that I can do this, but how?



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Start a new note - tap the "+" sign on the toolbar - choose "speech to text".

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I don't believe there is a way to append an existing note without touching the phone.  


You can do it the way Gaz suggests( new note), or from the main screen say "OK Google, note to self"( new note), or click edit

and tap the microphone on the keyboard then dictate into an existing note.




* edit*

I left out that there is a widget that can be configured for speech-to-text and place on a home page.

This is what I used before Google Now.

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Btw, does someone know if it is possible to save voice recording along the note ?

Gmail does this by default, that's so nice feature and as i could not have it wirh Everynote i had to stop using it on my Moto360 ....

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