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Metanota - alternative client for Evernote for Mac OSX (well almost but not entirely)



There is a new toy waiting to go to the Evernote toy trunk called Metanota for Mac OSX (well almost but not entirely). 


Being excited like a small kid, my eyes sparkling when I see anything glittery with green elephant on it, I mindlessly shelled out money for the full version of Metanota and thinking I am getting a second client on OSX. Well, hold the horses little boy, it's not going to do much at this point of time.


It's just synching pure text notes. So if you have PDFs in the notes, you won't see the notes. If you have formatting in the notes, you are going to LOSE formatting the moment you try to edit the rich text note created in Evernote client. 




Nice try but not there yet.

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