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Suggestions changes in Mac OSX client interface



Changes / suggestions to consider:


1.Add alphabetic sorting to favourites. Right now, the bar doesn't sort the the favs/bookmarks, so they end up mixed up alphabetically as well mixed up with tags. This may work for some people, but I work in a more structured way and sorting them out is not convenient.


2. Please make the favourites more readable. Why not white background as an option? It's not all about fashion, EN is about function for me. It's an option, functional for some people.


3. Not very useful" notebook tiles view" optimized for iPad but not for Mac? Huge notebook tiles, small letters I can't read, no way to change the tile colours. Not everybody uses fingers and not every laptop comes with touchscreen. 


4. No way to custom the toolbar. I can't move the search notes box or any icons (it seems at least), the toolbar is fixed. On my  huge 3640x1080 monitor it takes miles to go from right side to left so I'd like to customize the appearance of the icons and where they are on the toolbar. 


5. Search is sometimes forcing me to search in selected notebook instead of "all notes", even after pressing "Clear" and "All notes" it still defaults to search in the current notebook. It's odd behaviour and it doesn't happen always, but when it does, it requires a few attempts to hit clear the search box.

In the old EN it was easy - I clicked on the "all notes" in the right side bar and search was for all notes. 

It doesn't work reliably with the clear button in new EN



6. Make the "Clear" button larger. "New note" button is huge, "Clear" button is comparatively tiny.



7. Search has improved, no freezing which is great. But it's still not what it could be. Still no ability to do "INTITLE" search. I have to type like monkey. Thankfully I have a script to do just that. But it's not productive when I have 21,000 notes, how am I supposed to find the note, if the note is


a. not tagged and

b. Many notes with body containing the search term   


That's wwhy I rely on "Intitle" for every search I do per day (I do about 50-300 searches per day). "Intitle" option should have been there long time ago. It's just about adding a button.


8. I'd like to be able to shrink the note title bar in the middle. I personally have no need to see "Created" or "Updated" in the title title bar of the note all the time. 


9. It would be nice if Evernote provides a link shortening service. Every time I copy shared link, it's a long link. Sure I can go to Goo.gl or similar shortening service, but it would be easier of this option is available through Evernote without using another website to do that.


10. Still no import folder for Mac OSX. Import folder exists in Windows. I understand this isn't easy because of the sanboxing and security on Mac, and maybe import folder would require admin rights. But there is Apple Script. I used successfully scripts from community, but they don't seem very reliable on Mavericks as they are maintained on volunteer basis. It would be nice if EN provides a script or solution for import folder. If the open community can, it wouldn't be a huge undertaking for EN. (import folder works better than sending evernote filing email).


11. Search in all notes including shared notebooks. Right now search in shared notebooks works in the specific notebook, but it doesn't seem to work across all shared notebooks.





I use EN daily for everything, at home, at work, travel etc.. I have 3 paid premium accounts fully paid for 12 moths ahead.

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Hi - (and possibly wow!)


Thanks for the suggestions.  Developers do read these pages so your comments will be taken on board.  You can also give feedback via the Support page (see below) if you wish.

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Add to point #3.


I downloaded the 5.6 Beta. It's interesting how it reminds me of an Address book so much that it's begging to be useful in some way. Since Evernote lacks the organization skills that One Note for instance has, the Notebook page could be where one could break the neck and knock oneself out on organizing mind-chart type of connections with notebooks, set interactions, rules (e.g. if name of the note changes to XXX, move note to another notebook). The idea could be for example to create more interaction between notebooks, tags, dates, rules, workflows etc, to make Evernote sometime of a project management powerhouse - without EVER sacrificing ANY of the existing simplicity of Evernote (it's the very reason why Evernote is successful in different ways than One Note).


I am not saying this is an issue or something is missing. I like the way Evernote is and I am happy with it and I can live with it without any issues (well except that I had to get used and adapted to the way it simply works). And I would not want sacrifice the reliability and the speed of Evernote for new features. However, the ability to create visual mind maps of stuff is something that Evernote lacks and will face competition in the future from new emerging tools.


Add to point #10


The requirement would be ability to set sync folder per account profile. For example, if I have 2 accounts on EN and I am switching between these, I should be able to save the import folder setting per account profile and have the ability to set different import folders for different account profiles.

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