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FEATURE REQUESTS-Sidebar Drag & Drop, Right-click menus, Created date changes



I am a longtime Evernote user but still getting used to the Mac version on my new machine.


1) I REALLY miss the flexibility of organizing tags in the sidebar by dragging and dropping, creating nesting tags from a right-click menu, etc. I also miss creating notebooks by right-clicking "Notebooks" or stacks in the sidebar. PLEASE add this functionality to the Mac version! I hate the extra steps of going into the Tags and Notebooks views to organize.


2) Please allow me to change the Created date by clicking on it, rather than having to open up the info window and change it there. This really slows me down when I am adding older documents to EN. I would also love to batch-change the Created date of several selected notes.


3) I would also love the ability to create a note with a preselected (or several preselected) tags. For example, if I have selected tag "recipe" and am looking at all my recipes I would like a button "+ New Note with tag recipe" like the current "+ New Note in Notebook XYZ." As is, creating a new note bumps me to my default notebook where I can no longer see my notes tagged "recipe. I then have to tag the note and click again on the recipe tag to see them all again. Laborious.


I use Evernote for GTD, reference documents/going paperless, personal journal and notes, recipes, and kids' homeschool portfolios. In short, everything. Thanks for maintaining such a useful product. Please continue to improve it! :)



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