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productivity Evernote and Outlook and more via gSyncit

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For Windows users who use Outlook to schedule their day, the Outlook add-in, gSyncit from Fieldston Software may be of interest.


With the latest version of this tool you can create Task items in Outlook from your Evernote notes.

As I review my notes in EN, I move those that I need to tackle tomorrow into a dedicated EN notebook, having set reminders on the notes. The gSyncit add-in in Outlook is configured to read the EN notebook that I specify and create Task items in Outlook for the date(s) in question. So, when I look at my Today vioew in Outlook, I see the list of Tasks generated from my EN notes in my To Do list and can schedule them within the day. No need to create the Tasks manually. The content of the EN note appears in the body of the Outlook Task.


gSyncit also synchronises other apps with Outlook. It can sybc your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar, so once you#ve scheduled the Tasks that were created from your EN notes, they will appear in your Google Calendar.

As well as Evernote and Google, gSyncit also has options to sync with Toodledo, Dropbox, Simplenote, Nozbe and Pocket Informant Online.


Worth a look if you use Outlook on your Windows desktop as well as using mobile devices.

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