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Don't open Skitch window after Snapshot?


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I'm thinking of using Skitch to help my mother-in-law. She often calls and says: "Well I got some error message then a bunch of stuff happened."


I'm hoping to train her (heh heh) to click on the Skitch icon in the menu bar and take a Snapshot when something bad happens. Then the snapshot would flow into a notebook shared with me (and other family members, I can hope). Then at least we'd have some idea of where the problem started.


The only sticky point is that after a Snapshot is taken, the Skitch Window comes to the foreground, all ready for markup. This is going to confuse mom. "I didn't do that!" "What is that?" "Oh, it's my screen I'll just click on those buttons. Oh no, my cursor turned into a funny colored outlined A!" We're going to make it even worse by telling her to always use the Fullscreen Snapshot, rather than expect her to wield crosshairs. So the confusing picture will look just like her screen.


I looked through all the options and can't find any option for not opening the window. Am I missing it? Another discussion covered some of this but it seems to be more about Evernote and Windows – plus I couldn't find the settings they mentioned.






p.s. if anyone has other ideas for this kind of "root cause" recording, please let me know. But... I thought The Mother-in-law Helper would make a great Use Case on the Podcast.

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