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Feature Request: Audio Syncing With Text

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I have stumbled across a note taking application for ipad called AudioNote and I love it.  While taking notes via handwriting or text, the user can also record audio.  The audio is then synced with the text on the page.  After the meeting/class/whatever is over, touching a pice of text automatically plays back the audio recorded at the time the text was written.


We already have the ability to record audio notes.  Is there any way we can connect the audio to the text?  Would be amazing for meeting notes and class lectures.



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Audionote is great. A number of other apps are now able to do this, including Notability which takes prettier notes and now syncs audio to handwritten notes as well as typed text.


Audionote has the advantage of a Mac app (and I think a windows app) which allows you to use the files on multiple platforms and swap them between computers.


I think I'd rather Evernote firmed up its note formatting  and ordinary note taking abilities (when are we going to see handwriting move from Android onto ios?) before attempting to do something which another app does excellently. 

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I use dozens of other apps besides Evernote to assist me with navigation,  expenses,  exercise and health.  It would be enormously convenient if all their features were incorporated into Evernote,  but the menu structure would require a 10-inch screen to navigate,  the app would drain my battery in minutes,  and Evernote would either have to buy the other companies or double its coding teams to develop parallel applications.  And whatever Evernote developed would never be perceived as good as the original applications.


As there are other existing effective products,  why not continue to use them?  Keep Evernote Simple!

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+1  !!!!  I really wish this option was there.  I have to use OneNote when taking meeting minutes to get this done.  The audio syncing to the note makes things so much quicker.  I really want to use Evernote for all note taking- but without this, I simply cannot.

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