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(Archived) Mobile Web reverse sorts with Saved Searches?

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So...How come the Mobile Web version sorts backwards?

when I access the Mobile web version, and choose Recent Notes, all is dandy and I have the most recent note at the top.

I also have some Saved Searches for "Notebook:NotebookName" and they also sort fine, with the most recent at the top.

But all my Saved Searches with "tag:tagName" in them sort backwards. With the oldest note at the top?

This is really confusing because often my Saved Searches return more than the 15 or so displayed notes, so the most recent note is at the end of the 2nd, 3rd, etc. page.

As far as I can tell it only happens with Saved Searches that only search the "tag:" attribute. Even " -tag:* " sorts backwards, which is quite cumbersome and useless on the Mobile Web, because I usually want to start tagging from the most recent.

Any ideas?


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When you search for something on the mobile web, it will try to display the notes sorted by most relevant to least relevant, so that you don't need to scroll through as many pages on the device. This makes a bit more sense if you are searching for words rather than tags, however.

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I could understand with the words, because you would want the "most relevant."

However Saved Search aside, on any other client; Windows, standard web, even the new Palm Pre client, etc; if I type "tag:tagName" in the search it sorts from newest to oldest; newest at the top.

Only on the Mobile Web client when I search for "tag:tagName" does it reverse sort, with oldest at the top.

So I can understand the "most relevant" argument, except no other client I've tried sorts that way. Only the Mobile Web client.


-Dave Lawrence

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Continues to be an issue. I want my saved searches with tags to sort by newest first. If I have to navigate multiple pages to get the most recent notes it somewhat defeats the utility of a mobile device as a convenient time-saver.

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